(photo by Charley Star)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mother/Daughter Bridal Dinner

(From Grandma's Garden :)

This past weekend my mom, my sister (who was in town) and I hosted an intimate mother/daughter bridal dinner. We chose to dine in so we could have more quality time with old friends. We spent time together relaxing, catching up, telling stories and laughing. Our dinner was a great reminder of how simple and fun a night of dining-in can be!

The night began with drinking delicious Pomegranate Margaritas.

1 part Tequila, 1 part Roses Lime, ½ Triple Sec and ½ Pomegranate Juice (we use POM Wonderful juice, yummy!) . Garnish with a lime.

We Snacked on Guacamole served w/ Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips from Whole Foods. (perfect compliment to the Pom Margs)

5 chopped avocados, 1 squeezed lemon, S&P and a TBL of Mrs. Renfro’s Jalapeno Green Salsa.

It was a beautiful evening to be outside so we grilled Rib eye steak and mixed veggies (marinated w/ olive oil and S&P.)

The salad cooled everyone’s palette with its refreshing flavor.

Red leaf and green leaf lettuce, toasted almonds, avocados, green onions, grape tomatoes and blue cheese - dressed with a mix of a champaign vinaigrette and a red wine vinaigrette.

Any plans for this weekend? Why don't you invite some of your best friends over and stay in!


  1. Such a fun and beautiful night! I'm so happy I was in town and able to spend the evening with such wonderful family and friends :) I'm planning on replicating the dinner menu as well sometime soon!!

  2. It was a great night! The food was fabulous!! Cant wait to do it next year!!