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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Night at the K

This weekend has been filled with lots of fun, lots of food and lots of friends. We started it off right with a friday night Date Dash at the Kansas City Royals game. The night began with drinks on the back porch, a party bus then took us to the game and after staying for most of the game the party bus dropped us off at Charlie Hoopers in Brookside. The night was a lesson in easy, casual entertaining and made for a great night with a fun group. After organizing and hosting the night these are my suggestions for a Date Dash.

- Plan ahead: I organized this evening over a month in advance which made the night go very smoothly. I was able to collect the money early and everything was completely paid for a week in advance.

- Provide the pre-drinks: By charging each couple a little extra I was able to buy all of the pre-drinks for the night which included two coolers of beer, white wine and vodka and sweet tea vodka with lemonade. Even though the drinks and popcorn served were very simple they were just what we needed to start the night off right.

- Add a touch of fun: Although I didn't have much time to put together anything fancy for the night because I moved the same day, I did have just enough time to throw together a quick, festive way to distribute the tickets. For each couple I put their tickets and a shot of flavored vodka into plastic cups and wrapped it up with ribbon. It was again very simple but was a way to have something cute on the table and it made it easy to hand out the tickets.

- Get a party bus and end the night at a good spot: Having a party bus made the night very relaxed because no one had to worry about driving and everyone was able to enjoy the night to the fullest. Also, ending the night on a high note at one of your favorite local spots makes the whole night a success.

- Invite a great group, relax and have fun: This last one seems pretty self explanatory but the key to hosting is to invite a great group of people and have fun yourself. So don't stress about little things, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself.

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