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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

For lunch today I cooked myself a very simple meal of toast and eggs and as I was cooking I thought of the sentiment, 'If you can cook an egg then you can cook.' For all of you who think you can't cook and want to try out eggs as your first cooked meal here a few tips for eggs and toast:

- Always use fresh (organic if possible) ingredients. For this meal the eggs are organic brown eggs from The Merc, the jam is homemade from the Minturn Market in Minturn, Colorado and the toast is fresh-baked from Wheatfields.

- As you are beating your eggs and preparing your ingredients put your pan on the stove (medium heat) to heat up the pan before you pour in the eggs.

- Add a little milk, pepper, and Lawry's season salt into the egg mix before you pour into the pan.

- Always add a bit of your favorite cheese to the eggs as they are cooking to add some extra flavor and texture.

- Most importantly, don't overcook the eggs. Once they are no longer juicy in the pan they should be done, you never want 'golden brown' eggs.

I hope these tips are helpful, enjoy your eggs and toast!

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