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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogger Award

Recently a friend from high school nominated our blog for a Blogger Award! We are very excited and would like to thank Ivy for the nomination! As a part of the nomination we are supposed to:

1. Thank the blog who nominated us.
2. Share a few things about ourselves.
3. Nominate new blogs.

Since we've already thanked Ivy above I will go ahead and start with number 2.

- Two of my fellow Dinner Club MD bloggers work together at the same office and on the same account at a marketing and advertising firm in Kansas City.
- My other fellow blogger will soon be working for a non-profit organization that benefits children.
- Last but not least I have created a free-lance design business called WESdesign and will be working from the office of an architecture and design firm in Kansas City begining in August.

A blog that I would like to nominate is The Concrete Catwalk for the 'Most Stylish KC Local'.

Thanks again Ivy for the nomination, it's great to hear that people are enjoying our blog!

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