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Monday, December 20, 2010

The last of the Christmas lists....

As I get older my list seems to get shorter...yet more expensive. I guess it's because now if I really want something, well, I buy it for myself. :)

Below are a few things that I'm really pining for this year.

Southwest Airlines giftcard. Last year Jeff and I went to Chicago and we're really hoping to go again.

I LOVE this english cheese platter. Almost every weekend night I set out some cheese to munch on before dinner and it's always fun to have new ways to serve. I also think this would look cute sitting out on the counter all the time. What a perfect piece!

Really wanting a new camera. I'm not too picky, because I really don't know alot about cameras...but I want one. This Canon S95 seems nice. :) I am hoping if I get one that it will encourage some more blogging.

Last, but definitely not least on my list are these Frye boots. I mean come on...they're so perfect. I think I would wear them just about every day. :) If you can't tell I REALLY want these (hint, hint, Jeff).

Can't wait to spend Christmas with the family in Vail! Merry Christmas, blogger friends.

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