(photo by Charley Star)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sopaipillas for breakfast, what a treat! My new favorite “only on the weekends” breakfast is a plate full of freshly made sopaipillas with plenty of honey and a side of scrambled eggs. The best part is dipping the eggs in the extra honey, a perfect morning combination of sweet and salty. Luckily, I brought home plenty of sopaipilla mix from Santa Fe – Sadia’s Sopaipilla mix. It is so easy!

Add water to the mix
Knead dough until it is very smooth
Let sit for 15-20 minutes
Heat 3 cups of oil
Cut dough into desired shape
FRY! ;o)

These also make for a wonderful after dinner dessert!


  1. So fun, and I agree so yummy! I can't wait to come over for breakfast next time I'm in town! xoxoxo

  2. Can you get the mix online???